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If you are going to dig on your property for any reason, please dial 811 or (800) 282-7411. A representative will come out to locate gas lines, water, cable, electric, and sewer services. For more information please visit the Georgia 811 website.

Recreation and Parks

What we do is essential to the overall well-being of our residents. In addition to just being fun, our parks give all of us a chance to improve our physical and mental health, to develop our youth, to focus on our environment, and to make a positive economic impact on our city. The City has three rentals available (Concession Stand, Pavilion, HR building) throughout the community that can be rented for family activities and special events. The pavilion can accommodate small groups or large gatherings. For more information, call Keysville City Hall (706) 706-547-3007.

Sanitary Sewer System

The City of Keysville and CSRA Analytic currently operate its sanitary sewer system. Sewage is treated at the wastewater treatment plant located located on Martin Luther King Drive.

About Our Water

The City of Keysville strives to provide safe drinking water for its citizens. The city operates its own water system. Water is collected from Briar Creek and treated at the Water Treatment Plant; and pumped from a wells located on Perkins Mills Road. The city is in the process of installing a second well.

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Home Government Departments FAQs Gallery